Your first step to securing the right home for you is determining your purchase power.

Are you planning to purchase your home with cash or obtain lending? If you will be a cash Buyer, then a letter from your financial institution or a statement of account will be satisfactory to a Seller when presenting an offer. If you will seek a mortgage, a Seller will require a lender’s pre-approval letter with an offer. There are many lending institutions available to suit your specific buying needs; contact us for a list of local lenders so you can compare rates and programs best for you.

Knowing your buying power/leverage before pursuing any home or even house shopping will save you time. True pre-approval through a lender includes verified information and documentation about your income, credit and other important factors. Your lender will be able to provide a loan estimate about your future purchase and walk you through your monthly payments after determining your loan options. Having an absolute knowledge of not only what you can afford but also where you are comfortable with your purchase is essential before you begin your ‘house hunt’ in Tampa Bay. The verified pre-approval provides you peace of mind and shows a Seller you are a qualified and strong Buyer.